Welcome! Do you want to enter?

Yes? Well, You never really had a choice anyways. Lets get going!

I am Cyber, what you humans would call an alien to your world. I am facinated by your old internet culture, and want to learn more about it. So, I hopped on the next ufo to earth, and here we are! It appears you are all facinated by it too, yes? There is so much to explore, so much to do out there on the web. You humans now call this an "aesthetic" called old-web. Where I am from, aesthetics are seen as useless, thouhh I think otherwise.

So what will you do here?

Well, I will be making blog posts showing how may assimilation into your society is going, sadly I do not have a suitable disguise yet for standard human interaction, so "pics" will just have to wait. Keep in mind that I do have a social life outside of this website with my people, and I also do not know how you humans interact yet. Feel free to contact me if I make a mistake.